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Rhonda Little, MA

Pre-Licensed Therapist


I am a committed advocate for those in the African American community who view addiction, depression and mental illness as something that is not ever discussed.  I pledge to provide this population with valuable information and expose them to the prospects of higher education, skills, and resources to care for and combat these issues.   I am a Person-Centered Therapist (PCT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT).  Through PCT I focus on the strengths and positive aspects of the client’s experience, and their abilities to move into a more positive place in their lives.  I believe that any client seeking counseling has the innate ability to move toward self-actualization, providing them with the confidence they are seeking.  My approach through CBT is to help clients examine how they interpret, perceive and assign meaning; and how they process that information.  This intervention can lead to change in in patterns of thought, which in turn allows a client to process emotions and change behaviors. Together we can process and accept loss; and begin realizing that even though there is loss we are all still connected and are ultimately responsible for the rest of our lives.

Empowering my clients is my Ultimate Goal!  I am a caring, empathetic, compassionate and culturally diverse therapist.  I enjoy serving the community and helping those in need.  Come and let's meet your needs.

Rhonda Little, MA: About Me
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