Owner and Clinical Director; Therapist

I provide professional counseling services to adults who experience depression, anxiety, grief and trauma; focusing specifically on helping individuals and groups process and heal from emotional and psychological abuse and complex relational trauma.  I believe strongly in the worth and dignity of all human lives, and the importance of the connections we make through our shared experience of being human.  We all have at least two things in common:  We suffer - and we DON’T WANT to suffer.  It is my honor to help you find your way through suffering, recognize your personal strength, develop and exercise your self-determination, and become empowered to confidently face life’s challenges.



Provisional Therapist

I work with young adults who may need extra support and guidance as they transition into their education and careers; helping navigate independence, responsibility and healthy choices. I also support Adults in recovery and with processing and integrating difficult or traumatic life experiences. For individuals who are taking the first and courageous step toward therapy, I would like to help you develop awareness, improve your relationships, change your behavior, and make successful life transitions.

In our therapy I will create a safe and supportive environment of non-judgment, genuineness and empathy to assist you in reaching your goals.

It is my belief that we heal in relationship with others. I would be honored to know you and help you along your path to healing. Please reach out today for a consultation.


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